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Information Service Taxi Dispatching "Ternopil"
          DEAR AND ternopolyan visitors to the city !!!

Why We? First, you will be pleasantly surprised at our rates and call taxi because we obviously do not overstate the prices of our services, as firmly believe that "expensive" - does not mean "better", and secondly, we do not argue with clients and try to satisfy their wishes to the maximum extent by providing the best service.

"Ternopil Taxi" - is the best way to get to your destination quickly, comfortably and without subscription! Please refer to our rates and issue selection taxi service in Ternopil resolved for you !!!

"Ternopil Taxi" is a computerized taxi service, because the rhythm of our city requires modern approaches. We use an automated technology taking orders and serving cars, allowing perfect build process, and the mobile app on your start-background will own, without the dispatcher call a taxi.

Order machines can be done at any time of the day - experienced operators immediately take the order and based on your requirements and send you a car. Type of car you choose yourself, because it all depends on the purpose of travel: Taxis arrive on time will take you to your destination and professionalism of our drivers, any trip seem easy and affordable tour.

No matter how often you have to use a taxi in Ternopil, whether every day or several times a month, "Taxi Ternopil" You can always pick out the best option for travel, trip and pay by credit card or order and so COMFORT more 

Having become our regular customer, you will find a good friend and reliable partner that you will never let you down in any situation. We just love our job, and that is the secret to our advantage and our success.

Sincerely, "Taxi Ternopil 549"

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